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Our success is built on the challenges we face from our clients and team members.

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A great team of people who make the results behind every project possible.

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Our History

  • 1992

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    We were born as the professional services company of GeneXus

  • 1998

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    K2BHealth emerges as a specialized solution for the healthcare sector

  • 2007

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    We created our first spin-off: K2B ERP to provide management solutions to corporations

  • 2010

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    K2BTools is created, a suite of tools to enhance GeneXus application development

  • 2017

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    QAlified is established as a software testing and quality assurance unit

  • 2019

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    We opened a software factory in the country's interior for the export of services

  • 2021

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    We join the Constellation Software Inc (CSI) portfolio of companies through Vesta Software.

What makes us an ideal partner?

We help our partners' businesses develop a transformational vision and sustained growth.


Collaboration and Capability Development: with a strategy to expand our business based on our partners' growth.


Loyalty, trust, and empathy are the basis of long-term relationships with our business partners.


A simple and clear proposal based on agility and business orientation.

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