Technological evolution

Legacy systems were the drivers of organizational growth, but it is important to understand when they are reaching their maturity point. As new technological advancements and strategies emerge that accompany the growth of organizations, a leap in technological evolution should be evaluated.

By providing this service, we assist organizations in updating and optimizing their digital solutions. We seek to generate operational efficiency, address technological limitations, meet customer expectations and assist in implementing new technologies.

Our technological evolution service

With our experience, we can handle the technological evolution of applications. This includes incorporating modern architecture and integrating cutting-edge technologies and techniques into the software development cycle.

Our methodology and tools aim to generate a predictable, controlled and efficient evolution process. This includes training and technology transfer to our clients' technology teams during the process.

Understand what a legacy system is and when it should be updated

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  • National Livestock Information System

    The National Livestock Information System (SNIG) is created through an international public tender by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries of Uruguay (MGAP) funded by the World Bank.

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    SNIG: Sistema nacional de información ganadera
  • BPS: Biometric Recognition System

    The Banco de Previsión Social (BPS) is the entity responsible for social security in Uruguay. Its purpose is to coordinate, organize, and execute state pension and social security services. Additionally, it is responsible for collecting contributions from active workers and disbursing pensions.

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    Biometric recognition
  • INAC: Supply Registry and Management System

    The National Meat Institute (INAC) was created to propose, advise, and implement Uruguay’s National Meat Policy. It promotes, regulates, coordinates, and monitors the activities of production, processing, commercialization, storage, and transportation of meat products.

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    Supply chain registry and management system
    Logos para casos de éxito web

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