To properly understand the importance and necessary approach to address digital transformation in companies, it is essential to consider some key points. In a world where digital transformation has become a ubiquitous topic in business conversations and media, it is crucial to go beyond superficiality and grasp the underlying complexities.


Digital transformation is not simply about adopting new technologies or digitizing existing processes. As studies and experiences reveal, a more holistic and strategic approach is necessary to achieve successful and sustainable results. In this context, the need to clarify the business vision and understand how technology can enable that vision is emphasized.


A detailed analysis of the business model emerges as a fundamental step in this process. Understanding how the organization creates, delivers, and captures value is crucial to identify areas where digital transformation can have a significant impact. This entails answering key questions about the value proposition, the processes needed to sustain it, the required resources, and the underlying economic logic.


The true goal of digital transformation is to generate significant changes in the business model, which can in turn lead to the creation of new organizational capabilities and competitive advantages. It is through the strategic application of digital solutions that companies can reach new market segments, enhance the customer experience, optimize processes, and ultimately improve their economic performance.


However, it is crucial to remember that successful implementation of digital transformation is not limited to technology itself. It requires a deep understanding of business objectives and the selection of appropriate transformation strategies. Only by seamlessly integrating technology with the company’s vision and objectives can meaningful and lasting change be achieved.


In essence, it is not just about digitizing, but about redefining and reinventing business models for the digital world.


We invite you to listen to Lorena Veiga, Business Development Manager at GeneXus Consulting, who offers valuable insights on this topic.

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