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BPS: Biometric Recognition System


The Banco de Previsión Social (BPS) is the entity responsible for social security in Uruguay. Its purpose is to coordinate, organize, and execute state pension and social security services. Additionally, it is responsible for collecting contributions from active workers and disbursing pensions.


The Proof of Life procedure is required for individuals residing outside of Uruguay who receive pensions from the Banco de Previsión Social (BPS). This process is a verification that the person is alive and allows them to continue receiving their pensions.

The Bank provides services in 48 countries, with a minimum of 8,000 Uruguayans permanently residing abroad and some residing temporarily (around 18,000 as of April 2023).

Prior to the digitalization of the Proof of Life procedure, Uruguayan residents abroad had to personally visit the nearest consulate to physically prove that they were alive. This meant that elderly individuals had to travel for each renewal instance.

GeneXus Consulting, together with the BPS technical team, was responsible for integrating a biometric registration platform into the Proof of Life solution.


The integration of the biometric registration platform into the process allows pension recipients to renew their Proof of Life from a device with a camera, without having to visit a consulate, by accessing the online service.

The biometric platform verifies the person’s identity through a video taken by their camera, which is then validated with the registered document in the database. This information is sent to the BPS Proof of Life application to validate that the person is indeed alive. The procedure must be repeated every 30 days.

This component not only enables interaction with individuals from their homes but also modernizes the functionality of consulates, allowing them to perform the same biometric registration through a special application for consulate staff.

The pilot program began in Argentina in November 2022, and after some workspace adjustments in the biometric component, it was extended to other countries. It became operational for all eligible countries as of late January 2023.

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With the new facial recognition system, users can carry out the procedure from any device, anywhere, reducing travel time and costs.

The procedure can be performed through any mobile device, without the need to visit the consulate for the first time. The only requirement is that there are active payments in the BPS.

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