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Ahorro Propio

GXC and Fucerep create an app to save money


Fucerep is a Uruguayan Savings and Credit Cooperative, with more than 20,000 member accounts in cooperative banking. It serves employees of public and private companies, wage earners, and micro and small enterprises throughout the country. It continuously invests in technology to enhance its services, backed by one of the strongest assets in the Uruguayan cooperative financial system.

  • aplicación móvil
  • aplicación móvil
  • Aplicación móvil


It was Fucerep’s intention to bring an innovative product to sectors that had limited savings capacity so that they could encourage systematic savings in cooperatives over the medium and long term.



Our team developed a mobile application for iOS, Android and responsive web devices that allows users to save as much information as they wish, in an accessible, simple and safe way. It provides tools to design a savings plan according to the user’s needs and assists them throughout.

You can create a savings plan with goals, and the application will encourage you to achieve them month by month. Savings, deposits, withdrawals, and objectives are also displayed in the application.

  • GeneXus Evolution 3
  • MySQL
  • Tomcat


Ahorro Propio was the first Uruguayan mobile application for money-saving.

Over 5 thousand users downloaded the app.

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