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Vehicle Inspection Application

Porto Seguro: Vehicle Inspection Application


Description Porto Seguro is an insurance company belonging to Corporación Porto, present in Uruguay since 1995. It has 180 employees, a head office in Montevideo and 5 branches in the interior of the country.

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In order to simplify and streamline the process of inspecting vehicles for subsequent insurance, we developed the “Inspections Uy” application, available for Android and iOs.

The application communicates with Porto Seguro’s internal management system, particularly with the Inspections module.

It allows users to take photos of the vehicle to be inspected and uses the geolocation of the photos to verify its location. It also ensures that each inspection is completed within a maximum time of one hour, with the ability to adjust this period as needed. When an inspection is started, a timer is activated; if the time limit is reached, the inspection in progress is automatically cancelled.

aplicación para seguros

Requirements and interactions

The application requires little storage space and consists of three instances that generate interactions between the App and the Porto Seguro Inspections module.

‣ Coordination: When the need for a vehicle inspection is identified, it is coordinated in the Inspections module, which enables the generation of an Inspection from the App.

‣ Inspection: when an inspection is coordinated and in Pending Inspection status, it will be visible in the App, from where the vehicle owner will execute the vehicle inspection process. The whole process is performed in the App, until the inspection is finalized and it goes to Pending to Validate status.

‣ Validation: once the inspection is completed in the App, it will be available in the Inbox of the Inspections module, where an Internal User must validate the data entered. As a result of the validation, a status must be assigned to the inspection, being able to approve it, reject it or return it to the vehicle owner for correction and update. When its status is Approved or Rejected, the Digital Inspection process is concluded.

  • java
  • GeneXus 16
  • k2btools


With the implementation of the application it was possible to:

‣ Simplify the entry of inspections of vehicles to be insured.

‣ Encourage self-management, facilitating the operations of brokers and policyholders.

‣ Expand the information available on the condition of the vehicle in view of the future damage assessment in a possible claim.

‣ Efficiency in the process, having the information in real time in the office.

‣ Cost reduction by eliminating printed paper.

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