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GARMET revolutionizes logistics by improving efficiency


GARMET is an Uruguayan company that specializes in the logistics and commercialization of fertilizers, seeds, agrochemicals, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and related products.

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This project is part of the digital transformation process GARMET is going through. It seeks to rely on digital technologies to introduce innovations into its business model. It was necessary to transform the organization’s logistics processes, producing impactful results that could become competitive advantages for the business and the industry.

It was therefore essential to consider the needs of the business during the project, the impact on different stakeholders, the creation of organizational capabilities and the creation of value for the business, its customers, its partners and society in general, in accordance with GARMET’s organizational values.


To meet the client’s needs, a set of mobile and web applications was developed to solve and optimize operations related to grain freight requests by producers, their coordination by GARMET personnel and their fulfillment by truck drivers.

Garmet’s key partners benefit from this logistical innovation. Furthermore, phone interactions are eliminated, communication times are reduced, and internal operations are optimized.

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The first platform version went live in November 2021. This enabled the management of approximately 3,000 trips, involving more than 400 carriers and producers. Since then, multiple updates have been released based on continuous improvement and innovation.

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